Hi there! If we haven’t met, I’m the ECGuy who switched my primary car from burning dead dinosaurs to moving electrons (I grudgingly still own the secondary vehicle a Honda Odyssey used when the LEAF is already on the road or when going out of town). There are many questions that arise on switching to an electric car and this site will analyze each of those questions so that you have the information that is applicable to your own situation. I hope to provide you information about electric cars and how they can fit your needs.

My Journey

Since 2010 I have been following Nissan LEAF all electric car for the ability to not pollute on a daily basis when the electricity is generated from Solar or Wind. In 2013 I was not sure if I could replace my Honda CR-V with the Nissan LEAF. From the short list of Camry Hybrid, and Nissan LEAF I ended up purchasing the Camry Hybrid. It was fun driving Camry Hybrid in battery only mode as it was extremely quiet and comfortable as the gasoline engine had shut down. The quietness was so compelling I was longing for running the car only on battery which was only possible at slow speeds. Experiencing high air pollution (at times not able to breathe) and hearing about climate change made me think on what we are leaving for our descendants.

I took the plunge in 2014 by selling the 1-year-old Camry Hybrid, and purchasing the Nissan LEAF. The sales manager quipped “Save the trees”, and I thought it was actually about saving ourselves. My wife couldn’t believe what I did, she didn’t even want to get into the car. Eventually she ended up driving the car and was very uncomfortable not knowing if the car was even turned on as there was engine noise! As months passed however she figured it was more fun to drive, and the running expenses were so low that she would postpone her errands for the LEAF to be available. It was good to see her transform from I do not want to touch this car, to needing to use the car, to loving to drive the car.

Switching to an 100% electric car was initially to do my part for decreasing pollution, and slowing climate change. As the initial enthusiasm for these ebbed I realized I was looking forward every day to get into my LEAF as it was so much fun to drive! Instant acceleration, little or no engine noise so much that on my route I could hear birds chirp, at any stop sign I could leave other cars 4 to 5 car lengths behind.

With about 2 years of driving 32,000+ plus miles as of June 2016 on a 100% electric car I felt dead Dinosaur burning cars are so 20th century, and switching to moving electrons is the future of 21st century personal transportation.

Welcome to Switch to Electric Car! As we build up the site this will be one site to know everything about electric cars.